Saturday, 1 October 2016

Bottle build update

The bottle build has now finished, we now have the roof timbers on and are just waiting to add the roof.
The inside wall has the tiles on with our photos on, it's a wall of memories.
Next to the build I have build a little bbq area with a wavy wall. It's been fun building these with recycled items, even the bbq is recycled as it's an old pipe, the bench was thrown away as the legs were broken, even the red log store was an old filing cabinet set for the tip. All now rescued and given a new lease of life. 


northsider dave said...

I love the patio BG. Does the sun shine through the bottles like it does through stained glass windows?

Bedford Gypsy said...

Thanks Dave, and yes every day the sun hits it at a different angle so different colours shine through.

Anne Wilson said...

It looks great B.G very Gaudiesque.
Nice to see you back blogging again.