Friday, 6 November 2015

"Wear your garden" series

I have branched out and added a new section to my little etsy shop which is a series of upclcyed and recycled denim skirts that I've patch worked with floral designs out of vintage fabrics and textiles  for the "wear your garden" series. The first one is now listed in my shop but I have more to follow shortly all within the floral range.

Gypsy bohemian skirts always appealed to me, I have my old patchwork skirt that comes out every winter and is now about 20 years old, but it's like wearing a quilt so it keeps you so warm. These 
skirts include a rainbow of colours so each one will be indivually unique.


Anne Wilson said...

Great idea, I hoope they sell well for you

Bedford Gypsy said...

Thank you Anne :)