Sunday, 1 November 2015

One foggy morning in November

November has crept up on us once again as October slips away quietly. The fog had come rolling in this morning making the sunlight struggle to break through.

The lorry stands still while the trees and the ever growing grass grow taller. The bottle brick build has been tucked away until the spring flowers push through. The ground is covered with the autumnal confetti
And the lonely chestnut tree reaches up for the last time as the winter approaches for it is due to be cut back in order to try and save it next year
Fires are lit and I feel today might be a chickpea and cauliflower curry day as I sit by the fireside with the three dogs. Where did this year go and what have I done that's worth while?


northsider dave said...

The ever changing seasons for ever changing. How did I get to be in my fifties? Where dos the time go? A very philosophical post Bedford Gypsy.

Anne Wilson said...

It is definitely feeling very autumnal, we also are having miss but then it clears to a soft mellow day. It's also warn during the day.