Monday, 23 November 2015

Herbs and other medicinal plants

After making the enchanted forest skirt I decided to spend all weekend making myself a skirt. I really intended  to go along the forest design idea but as my keen interest in medicinal plants this last year I decided to make this one for me instead. It has fifteen different plants and herbs listed some with educational qualities of the plants listed. It's mainly has green and purple in it, my favourite colours. It might not be everyone's cup of tea as they say but I truly love it! It's very personal to me. I made it on a heavy denim vintage skirt too, ideal for these colder days.
On a slightly different note I'd like to congratulate my eldest daughter who ran her first half marathon yesterday, in the frost and cold weather too. Well done! She will be running the London marathon next year.

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northsider dave said...

I like the herbs and medicinal flower fabric. It would be great for curtains or even a T shirt.