Sunday, 2 August 2015

Bottle brick build progress

These last few days I've been building on the walls to roof level, or trying to. In some places I'm almost there. I put this witch in a glass tumbler by the door. (See if you can spot a yellow plane in the background which has been flying over all weekend due to a local air show).

This is a view from inside as you walk in around the corner to where the loo will go.
I also date stamped the build with a 2015 coin.
I have a few photos of the outside but I can't seem to manage to get them the right way here (on their sides) are the photos of how the outside walls look. Not long now until I hit the roof level.


Anne Wilson said...

Even laying on my side it's looking good, what sort of roof are you having?

Bedford Gypsy said...

I'm planning on having a live roof, using sedum alpines Anne

northsider dave said...

It looks like an earth-ship BG. There some wonderful constructions on You Tube made with earth filled tyres and other recyclable materials. Yours is looking great.

Audra said...

It is coming along famously! Love how the bottles catch the sun already.