Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Old linen and lace

Recently I've been doing a lot of sewing having acquired a dress makers dummy. It's helped me alter many clothes and even start a few projects from scratch.  Today I've been adding to an old short top I have had for years, but being short had only really worn it under dresses etc.
Now I can wear it as a top again. It's all been made from old linen napkins, lace trim and buttons I had laying around.

Since taking these photos today I've added sleeves to the top. It keeps evolving


Vix said...

Looks lovely! x

Anne Wilson said...

That's lovely, I have some very old linen pillowcases with heavy embroidery, I remember them from childhood they would have been passed down from my Grandmother which would make them at least ninety years old, the seams need a little repair but we still use them.