Friday, 17 July 2015


I have just put henna on my friends daughters now they have broken up for the summer holidays and they bought their own henna round in cones. It was really easy to apply, and was ready made up. No faffing about mixing dry powder etc. The girls were happy with the results, one went off to Lattitude this weekend so I hope she's having a nice time and showing off her henna designs.
I decided to buy some too so after getting the link from amazon ( thank you girls) and had a go on my self, something I hadn't done for over 10 years.
Stage one: apply the henna to oil,free clean skin, and let it dry of 2 hours

Stage two: once the henna has dried pick it off. The result is quite orange at this stage

Stage three : do not wash or bathe for another 15 hours at least and the colour of the henna will darken to a lovely brown.

 It's a wonderful art form. Please dare to try and enjoy.

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