Sunday, 28 June 2015

Solstice Gathering 2015 part two "The party"

This year we managed to snatch a few photos of the actual party (and not just a few snaps before people arrived.) This is me with Olly, who had never been to one of our Solstice parties as we did not have him this time last year. He was well behaved and seemed to enjoy himself.
Both Pumpkin and Booty had their necker chiefs on, they partied so hard they slept most of  the next day!
Here are a few photos of family just before the party started having a small drink.

And here are a few of the party itself. We even managed to get a group photo!

We had a few bits of rain, and a few people away on holiday etc but I am pleased to say it was another hit this year. 
Thank you to everyone who turned up and also thank you for making the Solstice Gathering a happy and wonderful night.


Renovation in Galicia said...

Love your decking, glad you all had a good time.

Vix said...

That looked like fun and your dress is gorgeous. x