Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Last bed made...

Since my last blog I have laid down a path next to the Motherwort trough, and planted red clover in one of the smaller beds. Then at the bottom of the decking steps I have built up the concrete footings with mortar and made a small spiral with crystals and stones , something I've been meaning to do for a while now. So that side is all finished.

Then we had two days of wind, so this morning I re felted the old shed roof which got damaged, cut the grass and made the last little wonky bed which just fits in between the last bed I made and the 
bottle brick composting loo build.

Once it's filled I'll plant them all up. Possible plants to go in there are lovage, self heal, mugwort and maybe the odd bit of veg. It has made cutting the grass a lot easier as it was hard to get the mower in that gap. Tomorrow I am hoping to make some comfrey oil which is good for bruises and sprains etc.

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northsider dave said...

It looks great BG. I like how you have included an hand-rail on the steps.