Saturday, 30 May 2015

Six new beds

I've been busy making six new beds, five of which are in the space in between the herb garden and the composting loo build, an area which is a pain to mow the grass. I've filled the old sheep trough with Flint and manure and it now holds my Motherwort. There are three smaller beds one has nasturtiums planted in it. The others need planting and filling in.

Down the side of the fence I've made a narrow but long bed for the Evening Primrose plants.

I am hoping to fill the other three beds with possibly red clover, self heal and lovage.
I spotted this beautiful plant on my dog walk this morning, I don't suppose any one know what it is do they?


Anne Wilson said...

I think it's common comfrey. How tall is the plant?

Bedford Gypsy said...

It stands about waist height, the leaves don't look anything like the comfrey I'm growing. Thanks I'll google it.

Anne Wilson said...

Are you growing Russian comfrey? That is the normal one for gardeners. I seem to remember that common comfrey was one of the parents of Russian. Comfrey used to be grown as a fodder crop for animals, I think it was used dried, it is very high in protein therefor a very useful winter feed.