Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chamomile-well woman medicine

I have reached that age all women do when the change is due, so being pre menopausal I have been reading up on well woman herbal medicines and decided to plant all those herbs listed that I don't already have so I have them ready to use when needed. My little flower bed garden is already made up of regular herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and medicinal plants (with the occasional little flower bed of "pretty" flowers for decoration).
Today's herb of choice is chamomile. Chamomile is listed under stage one, nourishing herbs. I don't drink tea of any description but if I need to then I would much sooner have the herbs I have grown made up instead of a box from the supermarket. So on the other side of my little path opposite the comfrey and raspberries I've build a tiny little box for the chamomile. It also sits next to my bottle brick herb garden.
Some of the other stage one herbs I already have are- borage, comfrey, fennel, lemon balm, nettles, raspberry, St.Johns Wort and violets.
I have bought fenugreek seeds but I think I'll have to have a much bigger flower bed for them. I'll have to read up on how big it grows. That can be on tomorrow's to-do-list.
I also added three rocks from the Cotswolds to my stone circle. Also just from the local garden centre.

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