Sunday, 5 April 2015

Update on the lorry decking extension

Well here is a little update on the decking extension I was having built next to the lorry. Work has come to a halt for the moment. I had to let the guy who started it go, he made FAR TOO many mistakes. He was a friends brother so I thought I could trust him, but alas no. He has done numerous things wrong both structurally and otherwise. The main thing being that he has laid my beautiful ready made  flooring (which I sourced from huge pallets that racing cars are transported on) and broken it all into small pieces and put in on the ground where the underneath storage for garden chairs is. I had collected normal pallets for that purpose and old doors! I now have to search out new flooring at the additional cost of around £300/£450. Huge let down.
He did not follow my initial planning sketches and the size seems to have doubled. I am going to have to get the council planning guys in to check it out before the builder (yes an actual builder this time, who will follow instructions) re starts the build in a few weeks time.
The frame work he made does not include the tree trunk corner structures to hold the weight of the roof. I thought it strange when he was building it, but just thought the tree trunks would sit inside the frame. Only on his last day working that I noticed he had put smaller pieces of wood joined together for that purpose. So I also lost my tree truck supports which you will know are important to my buildings in the wood, one because it was to reflect the growing trees I have planted all around and also to match the tree trunk support in my bottle build next to the lorry I am building  as a composting loo.
I have never been so let down before. There are numerous other things that I won't go into as it's too upsetting, but I thought as I regularly blog about my building progress I should also blog about why this build has come to a sudden halt.
I now await the bank holiday to be over so I can contact the council and collect the quotes from the builder and get the ball rolling once more. I hope that next time I blog about this build it will be on a happier note. I have an awful feeling that all his work will have to be taken down and re done properly, and to how I originally wanted it in the first place which will be of additional cost. Maybe I should bill him for? Any thoughts/ help or advice please contact me.


northsider dave said...

Your are better off doing your renovations your self BG and then it turns out exactly how you planned. We built our house and it was a nightmare. But we got there in the end. Good luck!

Bedford Gypsy said...

Thanks Dave. The guy was useless from start to finish. At least now the build will be in safer hands.

Renovation in Galicia said...

We had always done it ourselves until we were moving from one farm to a green field site, as we were running an organic egg business at the time we could not be on hand to supervise what the so called contractors were doing, it was horrendous, we sacked them and got a fair bit of what we had paid them back but swore never again. If we can't do the job ourselves with maybe help from friends it doesn't get done. Since then we have built a straw bale house, a house from natural stone that was on our land and renovated a five hundred year old farm house ourselves, the only external help we had was the reroofing job on the old farmhouse. Each time we ended up with what we wanted, not someone else's vision. I hope it all goes well with the planners and your new builder.

Bedford Gypsy said...

Thank you,so much for your input, the new builders are very trust worthy, and know what they are doing. That guy really had no clue, best rid of him.
Your building projects sound exciting.