Tuesday, 21 April 2015

First peg bundle

Yesterday I finished my first little bundle of pegs. All handmade from hazel branches.
They are now waiting for when I go out with my pedlars tray to sell along side my notecards.
I'll see how popular they are as to if I'm going to make any more. The previous pegs I've made and kept I have been using and they work well on the washing line, even in the wind.


Anne Wilson said...

For some reason I could not reply to you one my blog regarding your failure with beans, try pre-germinating them first, soak them overnight then place on damp tissue until they show a tiny shoot, then plant them into pots or deep seed trays, then plant them to their growing spot when all danger of frost has gone. I'm assuming that you are talking about French beans, runner beans can be stared the same way from the start of May, it's too late for broad beans but you can do peas from now on.

Bedford Gypsy said...

Anne, maybe I should try peas instead, thanks

Anne Wilson said...

Peas are easy as long as you don't have mice, they love the seeds. Beans are very easy as well, we just prefer to pre-germinate as we figure there is no point in wasting potting compost, we would always plant out little plants rather than seeds they seem to do better than directly sown seed with the excepting of root crops.