Sunday, 5 April 2015

Branching out

My little shop is branching out with new notecards which feature scenic landscape photographs of the local Norfolk landscapes. My first one being a lovely quiet lane in the near by village. I've called the card "The road less travelled"  (top left corner above). There will be more peaceful scenes turned into notecards over the summer months.
"Daisies" the second card (top right above) is a photograph taken in my mums garden, she was lucky enough to live in a little wood on the edge of the forest.
Then finally the third card is called " The gypsy camp" (bottom of the photo above) this is a little campfire I made in my paddock. For those of you who have seen my Etsy shop may recognise it as it was taken the same day I did "My seasonal larder" postcard.
All three will be available to buy soon. Thank you for reading.
Also please come and join me on Facebook, I have a new page and you can find a link to it above in the top right corner of my blog.
Wishing you all a happy Easter :)

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