Monday, 27 April 2015

Blossoms in spring

The cherry blossom has really come out these last few days, and today the sun is shining again.

The fruit trees are also coming out in blossom

(Sorry the photos are at an angle but I can't undo that on here today for some reason.)
The magnolia tree is starting to flower and the herbs are also doing well, especially the tarragon which almost disappeared but now seems to be growing at full speed.

The comfrey has started to shoot, and the lovely dandelions are in the grass again. I love them, I know many people regard them as weeds but they have medicinal properties. Also under the Buddlia bush the dark tulips are now flowering. It's lovely walking through the wood this time of year.


northsider dave said...

Love the raised bed/planter. Great photos too.

Anne Wilson said...

Dandelions are also a very important source of nectar for the bees, I just love to see the bright golden colour. We have been hit by a second winter, hard frost every night for the last five days, it's done a lot of damage.

Bedford Gypsy said...

That's so sad Anne, I hope it's not done too much damage