Friday, 13 March 2015

Witch in a bottle

Today I build in "the witch in a bottle" into the build. I made this little witch to hang in my kitchen, but she seems to be much happier outside with her crystals charging in the sunlight. As it happens it's Friday the 13 Th  as well...happy coincidence.

She has a stone with a hole, leaves, mirrors and a rupee among other things attached to her.
I also cut the grass for the first time this year, so the wood is really looking good. Enjoy this sunshine :)


Audra said...

Your little witch does indeed look quite happy and content in her new home. What a darling suprise for your guests to discover.

Bedford Gypsy said...

Thank you Audra

Hawthorn said...

I love the building (and your other projects which I'm just discovering as a skim through your blog). The witch in the bottle is a great touch! Best wishes to you!