Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Little red window

Well the building work on the bottle brick composting loo has re started, and for the first build this year I have added the little red window. It went in a lot easier than I had imagined.
The trees painted on the inside match the vintage fabric I will be making the curtain from. I also finished off the little dryer drum campfire surround.
It needs a few small stones to be added in between the bricks then it's ready for the tripod chitty to be added and ready for cooking. I also filled in the flower bed and planted comfrey. Also yesterday I re planted another 25 silver birch trees to replace the ones that did not take last winter.

The tin guttering has also gone up and am hoping it will rust with age.
I am hoping the gorse bush and lime trees arrive today, so I can be busy planting again. I feel like we have turned the corner on the cold winter months and spring has finally arrived, even the bluebells are starting to show. Enjoy!

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