Friday, 27 March 2015

It's all blossoming

The blossoms are beginning to show now in the wood, this tree has a vivid pink blossom which when out in full bloom and looks stunning against the blue spring sky.

The newly planted trees are all coming into bud, although they mostly look like canes dotted around the field. 

The old horse chestnut tree is coming into bud too.

I have added some new guttering to the black shed for the water butt, and after the first rain since going up I am pleased to say it's working well.

The building work has slowly started to pick up now the weathers getting warmer having the second row of bottles built over the car door lintel. Also the little flower bed near the door is completed with bulbs all planted. The face near the door which will become the guardian of the build has a crystal added for its third eye, and is now being build up towards the iron rod which will be a hanging basket hook. It is a lovely sunny day and I might be taking a new photograph for the shop..I'll keep you posted.

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