Monday, 19 January 2015

Meet Tupit

This is Tupit, my second puppet. Her name is Inuit meaning tattoo lines on face. I am fascinated with other cultures and how they use tattoos with meanings, or how they wear their hair braided or dreadlocked. Having both dreadlocks and facial and hand tattoos myself you can see why I'm interested. The chin stripe tattoos for instance -tamlughun- symbolise a part of ritual of social maturity, a signal to men that women had reached puberty. They also served to protect during enemy raids. They also help the men choose their brides.
I have not yet added her braids as I am waiting for the oil paint to dry. Here she is next to my first puppets face
The dots on the first puppet are based on my facial tattoos.
It was a frosty start to the week here but I am pleased to say that my lorry is now jacked up onto the railway sleepers and ready for the extension decking to be built. Hopefully it will be completed by the Summer Solstice.

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