Wednesday, 28 January 2015


As January draws to a close, the wild winds howl outside. We only saw one snowdrop in the wood and only seven aconite flowers yet the daffodils are shooting through now. I have lifted up the paving slab path that winds around the lorry, making way for the foundations to be laid for the extension.
The ground is very wet, and we seem to have a lot of moles this winter. I expect it is going to look a lot worst once we start digging, but hopefully it will be well on its way to be finished by this summer.
The wood has kindly be donated by a friend which will make the frame and flooring. It is all collected and now drying out in the stable. I will have to start cutting bottles again soon and crack on with that project.its all go!


northsider dave said...

Exciting times building your extension BG. Look forward to seeing it when it's finished.

Audra said...

This is an incredible project you have cut out for you, though you are just the person for the job. Looking forward to your progress and completed extension.