Saturday, 12 July 2014

Every build should be dated

It has been a few weeks since I last added to the wall, but I have been busy making the bricks in the meantime.This is row eight~bag eight.
I bought the orange/yellow bowls from charity shops, and my daughter thinks the large one looks like a sunflower.
Every build should be dated so I have added a 2014 coin to my build on one of the corners.(There's Booty in the background trying to catch her mole, she tries every day to no avail!)

It is really starting to take shape now and look alot more colourful. I am hoping to build it up next week, weather permitting.
Here are a few bottles I recently found in charity shops waiting to be made into bricks.

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northsider dave said...

It's looking good. I have read that white glass is one of the few natural and harmless substances and doesn't harm the environment when it eventually decomposes.