Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Doors and windows

I have added a few more bags of mortar to the build so here are a few photo to catch you up before I tell you about the doors and windows~
When the sun catches the bottles they really do look like little gems. Hopefully you will be able to see it growing taller with each photo

I bought an old wooden window frame from a reclaimation yard for £5 with the pain of glass thrown in, and I bought a car door from a scrap yard for £10, these are going to be the two windows in the build. The car door was from an Hyundai Atoz.
Then this morning the door frame was built and the car door positioned ready to be build into the wall.
Then a delivery of mortar and 100mm celcon blocks arrived, ready for the next days building.
I have added a few crystals into the bottle bricks also which i have dotted around here and there in the walls.
So after a very hot day I have now caught up with my blogging.

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