Saturday, 14 June 2014

Trifle bowls and jelly moulds

Yesterday I broke my rule of building only one bag of mortar a day, even though it was about 25 degrees hot and I had no shade I was very glad with the result. After going off to the recycling centre to drop off the bottle tops ( and meeting a lady who lives nearby and has kindly agreed to donate a load of bottles) I went into the local charity shop and found a few trifle bowls which I taped together to make larger bricks.

I also had an old jelly mould which I taped togeher with a Rose wine bottle end and placed it in the corner
I also added a couple of blue bottle bricks on the fifth row
It is started to really come together. It takes me a while to cut every bottle then tape them together and then recycle the tops, but I am doing it all on my own and I am rather pleased how far it has come already. The base is only 8ft x 8 ft so its a small build, not like the wonderful earthship builds (which one day I can only dream to build.) There is a wedding in the next village this weekend I am hoping to collect their empty bottles next week....more free bricks.
I have some little art projects underway for the inside wall so I am hoping it will rain today to water the trees and give me a day off building to do the other projects.

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