Monday, 16 June 2014

The process of making bottle bricks

How to make a bottle brick~First you have to collect some glass bottles, luckily there was a wedding in the next village this weekend so on Sunday afternoon I tootled off in the car to collect their empties.
My little car was packed to bursting, I even had boxes of bottles in the bonnet. Then you start cutting the bottles to your desired width.
And pair them up so they match in size, wash them and leave them to dry in the sun
Then after giving them a clean with a cloth, you tape them together to make a bottle brick. Then I box them up ready to use.
After that process you will be left with a lot of bottle heads, I fill three bottle heads into one so it saves on space, and then you have to take them to the bottle bank for recycling.
Then you start all over again, and again until you have finished your building project!

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