Sunday, 1 June 2014

Projects~finished and just starting

I have added a few more stones to the circle in the wood, it now has started resembling a stone circle, even if its small.When I walk out of my lorrys side door it hits you, it really is a peaceful little spot. I have also just finished my first recycled bottle project, this one was a bottle walled herb garden, for this I used whole bottles and small jars. After laying the foundation I started to build it up row by row.

I would just like to thank all my friends and neighbours who kindly donated their empty bottles. This project alone took 214 bottles and jars. It is now finished and drying out, waiting for the herbs to be added. It sits just behind my lorry in the wood.
 We have one little apple appearing this season, the apple tree does not seem to produce alot of fruit.
My next bottle project is under way, I have been cutting the bottle ends off the bottles and making bottle bricks ready to start building the composting loo. (All blue bottles very kindly appreciated btw).
I have strimmed around the trees this morning so the wood  is looking well at the moment. It took a while to strim back the patch I left while the bluebells died back but now its all mowed and level.
The other week I took the morning off to go and visit The Weird and Wonderful Wood Fayre in Suffolk, it was a very hot day but well worth it if you ever get the chance. I came away as always with some wonderful pieces of new artwork by Rima (  which now proudly hang in the lorry.
I have also painted another little hare to the outside door of the cab. So with the concrete base being laid hopefully next week for the composing loo, only 13months behind the scheduled start date......tut tut Mr. Builder ( you know who you are!) that is all the updated news from Bedford Wood. Until next time~~~

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