Sunday, 15 June 2014

Early one sunday morning

What do you do at 5.30 am on a sunday morning when you can't sleep? Build a bottle brick wall of course!
With the Summer Solstice less than a week away now I have loads to do to get ready for the gathering I hold each year.
So a bright and early start seemed logical. This is the sixth row and in it I have added little decorative jars,

glasses, tea light holders, jugs and even a decanter top
The dogs seem to accept that an early start building is the norm now, they could stay in the house but they seem to like company. Pumpkin (pictured above) likes to stay close by, infact she fell asleep on my coat, while Booty goes off in search of the many moles we seem to have in the wood.
I did not build yesterday but instead got on with various other projects. I am hoping to do some strimming before we have company this afternoon, and even though we did not get any rain the grey clouds look promising today. My trees could really do with a rainfall.

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