Saturday, 7 June 2014

Composting loo

Well finally we have started on the build of the composting loo....the other day (as promised) the concrete base for the foundation was laid.
We used a trunk of an oak tree for the beam on which the roof will be attached too.
We left it for a couple of days, then removed the frame and started building up the bottle bricks I had previously made for the first row of the walls.
I am so pleased with the bottles and the effect they make, especially as the sun comes round each night and shines through them. Today it has forecasted thunder storms so I won't be building the second row until tomorrow, although I will be cutting up the bottle bricks to use in the third row. So it's been started, and I will enjoy building it, and seeing the finished result. I have big plans for this project, so watch this space!

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nicholas sellars said...

Great work - keep it up.

You have such a beautiful home too.