Sunday, 23 February 2014

Planting on a windy Sunday afternoon

It's a very windy grey Sunday here today so I decided to add a few bits of colour to the wood. I planted a winter Jasmine climber at the base of one of the arches, I only have one more arch to plant then they will all have a plant, the other plants already in are more jasmine, honeysuckle and passion flowers.
I then planted some  white heather near the lorry along with a few various daffodil bulbs along the pathway.
The Conkers are all sprouting so I have made a small trough mulched down with leaves for them to grow in. I also have some potted up in the greenhouse which are growing nicely.

I then planted a few snowdrop bulbs and bluebell bulbs. The bluebells are all around the silver birch trees at the bottom of the wood.


Reifyn said...

You've been busy this Sunday. (I am completely allergic to jasmine, though...) I've been so impressed how you're planting this forest—imagine if people all over Britain did that. The country would be the woodland it once was up till the mid-19th century when they started cutting everything down. I knew one man in the outer Hebrides in Scotland named Murdo who was trying to replant the forest of Harris all by himself. He really woke up one day, quit drinking & decided to start planting. I'd love to buy a number of fields in Wales and start planting trees on them: that's been a dream of mine for years.

Bedford Gypsy said...

Your dream will come true one day I hope. Thank you for your lovely comment, and well done Murdo, he sounds like a genius man.