Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Odd jobs in the lorry.

Today I have taken a break from sewing and planting and have done a few little odd jobs that needed doing in the lorry. Firstly I put up a small little shelf near the sofa and just below my bed area. Then I put up a photo I had printed from one of my dads slides, it's of trees. That fitted neatly in by the corner of the kitchen area.
I also finished a painting on one of the cupboards of a hare ( not shown as still wet) but I have taken photos of my previous little paintings that sit just above the sofas on either side that are now dry.

The sun was shining into the lorry today so one photo looks dull and the other one bright. The dogs enjoyed sitting about in the wood and the lorrys cab, both enjoying this lovely warming sunshine. The fly curtain for the lorry door is almost finished but I have ran out of thread again, photos at a later date.


Reifyn said...

That last picture is brilliant: that hare is really enjoying playing that balalaika—it can run in the garden when it's finished the song. I was just discussing with someone the other day how painting on the walls is such a great idea...if you own the walls that is. One day I'll have my own walls again maybe, then I can paint anything I want on them.

northsider dave said...

Love your picture of the hare playing the exotic musical instrument. Wish I could paint like you.