Tuesday, 18 February 2014

In the garden a hare is running

Yesterday I boarded a train to Cambridge and after a short bus ride I arrived to meet Nikolay my Russian balalaika teacher. Nikolay studied the balalaika in school and I was very impressed seeing someone in person play this instrument so beautifully. My first lesson was going over the basics and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I now own a case for my balalaika which made it easy to carry.
The lesson lasted an hour and a half and I came away with much to practise.Nikolay said he was told "when his mother was making soup he should practise". Today I learnt my first little Russian Folk song called "In the garden a hare is running".
I am now returning to practise after having a short break to write this blog. But I will leave you with a few more photos of the snowdrops.


Reifyn said...

You're so fortunate to have this lovely instrument to learn! I love Russian folk instruments & folktales. I have seen the style of your balalaika before, and believe it was made in Romania. If you want to see some amazing instruments, try doing a search on 'painted balalaika' & you will see photos of some beautifully painted instruments illustrated with scenes from Russian stories. I hope a hare will run through your garden one day when you're playing that song.

Bedford Gypsy said...

Yes my balalaika was made in Romania. It has a beautiful sound and I can't wait to be able to,play many more songs on it. Thank you for your lovely comment