Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Heather, bulbs and free trees

Yesterday I walked past a shop selling purple heather and a few daffodil bulbs so they became the latest additions to the lorrys small garden. I originally only wanted edible plants and plants with medicinal properties but daffodils bring back happy childhood memories, they might not be my favourite flowers
But our garden was covering in them and each year we viewed a blanket of yellow. We lived next to an old farm and my dad built a house in a walled field which used to have pigs in. Anyway the bottom garden was where the daffodils were and as we lived in a little village there was a lane running along the bottom of the wall where I just to sit handing out these flowers to everyone who was walking past to get to the hall and large park in our village.
I also dug up six suckers from the cherry blossom tree my eldest daughter and my dad planted many years ago. They now are planted in the wood, I'd like to get the original tree out and replant it but I think the roots might be too large. There's a few photos of some of the suckers. I am also making a pretty fly guard curtain for the lorrys door, along with some unusual wedding bunting too, more on that on a later date.


Reifyn said...

Daffodils are really wonderful, and one of my favourite Welsh words. To me, they look like how the word sounds.
You have some good memories to preserve from the past. I would be careful trying to transplant full-grown trees, though. As you probably know, many of them do not survive the process, and it would be sad to see such a tree go like that. Nice that the suckers took root. I've wondered if you have some sort of plan regarding how you choose each tree or plant, or do you pick them as available?

Bedford Gypsy said...

Well the first thirty trees I just bought and spread them out, then my neighbour who has planted a few woods, his alone has over 800 trees, came across and put in canes where they would all go and over the winter we planted them all up, with a patch of silver birches in one corner where the bluebells are, a willow patch that will grow fast where I wanted tall trees, then we really just grouped them on threes etc. the beech I spread out so the wood would have colour everywhere etc all native trees. I can't wait to see how it looks once grown.