Sunday, 9 February 2014

Broken plates-mosaic one.

It's a very cold and windy Sunday here so after walking the dogs across the fields I decided to make a start on the mosaics that will eventually go inside the outside toilet we are building in the wood (out of old recycled bottles mostly). These mosaics will line the inside walls of the toilet, along with a painting I have chosen from  one of my tattoos.
The hare mosaic is just made up of old broken plates, no fancy equipment just a towel and a hammer used to break up the plates.
I am loosely glueing them down to keep their place then once all the gaps have been filled in I will grout them. This one is approx. 14" x16" and as I have never done one of these before it is all trail and error. The rim of the plates making the mosaic rather lumpy instead of flat but that doesn't bother me.I had to simplify the eye and ears in the end.
 Now it can set overnight. I would also like to wish Kate a very happy birthday for Tuesday x

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