Sunday, 12 January 2014

One frosty morning

This morning I awoke to see a blanket of white sparkling frost covering everything.
Its hard to believe that yesterday I was searching for fallen conkers that had started to sprout and was potting them up along with the tomato seeds
The crisp air was refreshing but am sure it is a sign of worse weather still to come. Febraury is always the month I am happy to see behind me. The christmas tree looked pretty though

The total list of new trees planted are as follows~
10 field maple
3 alder
10 grey alder
40 silver birch
15 sweet chestnut
5 dogwood
5 spindle
20 beech
3 holly
15 wild cherry
25 bird cherry
16 oak
10 rowan
4 walnut
5 scots pine
5 norwegian spruce
12 hybrid willow
3 willow
4 guelder rose
3 crab apple

along with the 44 trees already planted over the summer and another 20 or so willow it brings the grand total to around 280.
Heres just a few more photos of the little people who live in the wood.
I am off to London to visit my eldest daughter this week, she very kindly bought me the train tickets as a christmas present. I am hoping to return with a new project I intend to start this year, I'll keep you posted.

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