Monday, 2 December 2013

Mild misty December mornings

November mornings brought red glorious skies but so far December has brought only mist. The weather is so mild for this time of year, and with only nineteen days to go until the Solstice and the promise of longer days its hard to believe winter is almost here. The hazy sun is trying its hardest to break out.
I have decided to put an arch over the gate at the end of the wood where the sloe hedge will grow. At the other side I am adding a folly doorway in the hedge, and maybe a few steps down onto the bridge. I have not sourced another long plank yet but hopefully it will be all ready by the Summer Solstice.

I spend yesterday afternoon making tree guards for the last few trees without them out of chicken wire. The total tree count to date is 39, without facturing in the holly bush, conifers, berry bushes etc. Today I am going to mow the winding path around the outside of the wood sow we can plant the trees around it.

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