Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Waiting for the two hundred trees

November is almost over and today we had lovely sunshine. It was quite warm although I still lit the woodburner in the lorry. I have been out and about foraging rosehips on my daily walks making rosehip syrup. Here is a song that a fellow blogger introduced me to which I would like to share with you~

The bonfire is out now and it has been all levelled waiting for the trees to arrive. Tomorrow I get to have a go on the sit on mower for the very first time, so hopefully I will be whizzing past with my dreds flying in the wind...lol! Then we are putting in sticks where the trees will be planted, we have two hundred so we will soon know if they are all going to fit in, along with the 30-40 trees already planted. Bedford Wood will soon be created. We have had some lovely sunsets and sunrises this month, and sometimes in the early morning fog the lorry looks great.
I have decided to leave the ramp on the back of the lorry over the winter and in the spring it will get taken off to form the platform on which I plan to do yoga, put out beanbags, even the table for dining al fresco. In less than a month we will be celebrating the Winters Solstice here, its coming so fast. But for now all I can do is wait for the trees to arive. I have said no to Sycamores and Yew, and yes to native trees like Oak, Silver Birch, Beech etc. Hopefully in my next post you will see them.

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