Monday, 7 October 2013

The full van

Today I went over in a van to collect a few things from my mums before she moves. I ended up coming back with a van full including an old carpet from her store room which I have laid down in place where I want to start my vegetable patch, next year and a mini green house frame we found in an over grown part of her garden. I also came away with two water butts which will harvest the rain water from the lorry once the guttering is put up, an old bench and table we had when I was growing up, ideal for the plans I have for the second campfire where I will cook, and a lovely old trolley which is like a moveable bench, it has two flat tyres At the moment, but with a bit of TLC, they will be ideal. Also a conifer which I have planted in the field already. What great finds, now having a new loving home.

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cumbrian said...

Just found your blog (via northsiderdave), and add my best wishes for your new blog and life in the Bedford.
Look forward ton reading your future projects and wish you every success with them.