Monday, 14 October 2013


It's October and the greenhouse is full with the herbs left over from the summer and I have spend this morning putting the dried herbs into storage jars.the hanging baskets are still full with pansies which I intend to put into ice cube trays to freeze. I tried some lemon balm ice cubes and they turned out well,  I think I might try some mint today as well before I cut it all back.
The old bench I got from my mum has been sanded and painted with wood preserving paint and it's now out next to where the second campfire is going eventually which will be used for cooking with my tripod chitty. The other benches have been sanded this morning and hopefully will be back out in a few days. The lorry has had its wood burner going to keep it warm, it's really cosy in there with it on. If you look carefully you might see the smoke coming out of the Chinese hat.
Right still lots more to do so I better get on with them.

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