Monday, 7 October 2013

A lazy Sunday in the lorry

Sundays are great to just sit in the lorry and appreciate the things you have done since this project started. Put on some vinyl and spend the day reading up on the herbal qualities of plants.Relaxing.
The herbs  are drying in the cab really well now since I first put them in this summer, it acts as a great little greenhouse. Through the cab I can see the little wood store I have made out of an old chicken hut. One of my other projects is to add a gate/door entrance in the bottom hedge with an old door i salvaged , adding  a little footbridge over the ditch. I am currently making a patchwork flag too which is almost finished, and a sculpture too but more on that another day.


northsider dave said...

We have patchwork quilts that my late grandmother made over forty years a go. It's great to know she is still keeping us warm in winter. Good luck with your new blog.

Bedford Gypsy said...

Thank you, and not only do they have a use it's lovely to look at and remember a piece of material from an old favourite item of clothing too